Manly Cabs - The Northern Beaches Premier Taxi Service

Hiring Charge (Flag Fall)

NSW Government Levy
$1.10 - All trips taken in Point to Point Transport vehicles (Taxis, rideshare, etc) are charged a levy by the NSW government.

Peak Time Hiring Charge
$2.50 - Charged in addition to the hiring charge, between 10pm – 6am on Friday's, Saturday's, and evening prior to Public Holidays

Booking Fee
$2.50 - This is charged on all bookings that are requested through our phone or online booking services. This covers the driver's time travelling to you.

Distance Rate
6am to 10pm - Rate 1 - $2.19 per kilometre
10pm to 6am - Rate 2 – $2.63 per kilometre

Waiting Time
94.4c per minute ($56.68 per hour) while vehicle speed is less than 26 km/h.

All road, bridge, ferry, tunnel and airport tolls that apply to the journey. No "Return" Tolls are charged.

An amount of up to 150% of the regular taxi fare may be charged where there are 5 or more passengers.

Multiple Hirings
75% of the maximum fare may be payable by each hiring passenger for a multiple hiring.

Sharing a taxi
100% of the maximum fare paid by the hirer - even if the hirer requires the driver to permit other passengers to share the taxi or to drive to other destinations before driving to the hirer's destination.

Cleaning Fee
If a passenger soils the taxi to the point that it cannot remain in service, a cleaning fee may be charged. This fee charged is $60 per hour, or part there of, up to a maximun of $120. If this fee is to be charged by the driver, their discretion will be used to estimate the time it will take to clean.