Manly Cabs - The Northern Beaches Premier Taxi Service

Driving for Manly Cabs

Driving a taxi for Manly Cabs can be a very rewarding career.
Before you can start driving for us, you'll need the following :

- A valid NSW drivers licence with the 'T' condition.
All taxi, rideshare, and hire car drivers in NSW are required to have the Passenger Transport code (T condition) on their licence.
This is obtained through the RMS at your local Service NSW branch. This links your driving, criminal, and licence history with Point to Point.

- A NSW Taxi Council ID card.
This is obtained through the NSW Taxi Council.
The NSW Taxi Council will ensure you meet all the NSW government requirements to drive a taxi, and provide an ID for use across most networks in Sydney.
In order to complete this course, you need to pass a National Criminal Record Check in line with Point to Point Transports guidelines on Disqualifying Offences, as well as have a reasonable driving history.
For information on obtaining a NSW Taxi Council Authority, please visit the NSW Taxi Council website

- An ABN
An ABN is required for GST reporting. Please visit for more info or speak with your accountant.

After obtaining these you can fill out our online New Driver Application Form.

Once submitted will receive an email with the documents you will need to read for the induction course.
The induction course is a sit down information session where we cover the network policies and procedures, as well a tutorial on the use of the dispatch computer and meter.
This induction will take about 4 hours.

Please contact us for more info about the being a Manly Cabs Driver.